Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can't get there from here

A pleasant trek around the peninsula today -- to the office in the Old Port, down Pearl Street and across Franklin into the heart of deepest Bayside, back up to Congress Street and home -- on a chilly and overcast day, but nothing as lovely as this.

Bicycle Planning Forum scheduled for 9am Saturday, January 9, with the goal of making Portland "even more bicycle friendly," if I'm remembering the invitation correctly. If the city is serious about this (and I'm not convinced it is), then the first order of business is calming automobile traffic. Because the truth is, Portland isn't particularly friendly to bicyclists or pedestrians, thanks to largely lawless streets dominated by drivers who apparently never wanted to be here in the first place -- else why would they be in such a hurry to get the hell away from here? Why cater to people who'd rather be someplace else? Why not make the streets safe for those of us who have chosen Portland?

Also: this, a bill of rights for bicyclists from the California Bike Writers Collective.